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Spring Marathon Running Grand Slam 2024

The Spring Marathon Running Grand Slam involved runners from Lewes and Sussex signing up to either the Brighton Half or the Brighton Marathon and raising funds for FOLVH. 

Thank you so much to all those who ran on behalf of the FOLVH in the 2024 Spring Marathon events; it was the first event like this that we've run and it was a fantastic success. 

On the day of the first marathon, Brighton Half, the weather predictions were for it to be wet and windy - unsurprising given it was 25th February. However, we were lucky and conditions were calm for the first ten miles. Our FOLVH Team 1 faced a head wind for the remaining three miles but all made it back well and happy.  

In contrast, there were beautiful blue skies for the second marathon, The Brighton Marathon on 7th April. Starting at Preston Park, 13,000 runners gathered, many running for charity. Our FOLVH Team 2 runners ended the 26.2 miles with two minutes between them, delivering impressive times of 3:41 and 3:43. 

A few days later, some of our Team FOLVH runners (pictured above) gathered to celebrate their collective efforts and significant achievement in raising well over £3,500.

We hope to make these an annual event using our popular running fundraising theme that has been so successful in raising the profile of our charity, raising funds and been fun for our local community.  

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